Here are the sources for the historical background of Saffire — I’ve underlined what I feel are five essential books to get a complete view of the building of the Canal

(in no particular order — I bounced around a lot as I acquired the books!)

  • Hunting Trips of A Ranchman, Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains by Theodore Roosevelt
  • Zone Policeman 88: a close range study of the Panama Canal and its workers by Harry Alverson Franck
  • Panama Fever: The Epic Story of the Building of the Panama Canal by Matthew Parker
  • The Untold Story of Panama by Earl Harding
  • The Panama Canal: A History of One of the Most Difficult Engineering Projects Ever by James K. Wheaton
  • The Canal Builders: Making America’s Empire at the Panama Canal by Julie Greene
  • The Building of the Canal in Historic Photographs by Ulrich Keller
  • Essential Guide to the Panama Canal: History, An Army’s Enterprise by U.S. Government of Defense, U.S. Army, Army Corps of Engineers
  • The Panama Canal: An Army’s Enterprise by Jon T. Hoffman, Michael J. Brodhead, Carol R. Byerly and Glenn F. Williams
  • The Panama Canal (1913) Illustrated by Frederic J. Haskin
  • The Panama Canal: Marvels of Engineering by Marvels of Engineering
  • The Panama Canal (Illustrated) by J. Saxon Mills
  • Buffalo Bill’s America by Louise S. Warren
  • The Panama Canal: A history and description of the enterprise by J. Saxon Mills
  • The Path Between The Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 by David McCullough
  • The Story of the Panama Canal by John B. McDonnell
  • How Wall Street Created A Nation: J.P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt and The Panama Canal by Ovidio Diaz-Espino
  • Theodore Roosevelt: An Intimate Biography by William Roscoe Thayer
  • Panama — Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs and Culture by Heloise Crowther
  • The Roosevelt Panama Libel Case Against the New York World by HardPress Publishing
  • The Story of Panama; the new route to India by Frank A Gause and Charles Carl Carr
  • Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West by Isabelle S. Sayers
  • Canal Zone Daughter: An American Childhood in Panama by Judy Haisten
  • The Great Adventure of Panama — Wherein Are Exposed Its Relation of the Great War and also The Luminous Traces of the German Conspiracies Against France and the United States by Phillipe Bunau-Varilla
  • Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq by Stephen Kinzer
  • Panama: A Personal Record of Forty-Six Years, 1861 – 1907 by Tracy Robinson
  • The Panama Canal and its Makers by Vaughn Cornish
  • The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt A Short, Easy History of the Spanish-American War by Helene A. Gerber
  • Theodore Roosevelt; An Autobiography by Theodore Roosevelt


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