Time Line

If you’re a history nerd like I am, you might find this timeline just barely interesting — I created it and used it as a reference through the project. I’ve put a * in front of real historical events, and the rest belong to James Holt

* 1868 — Red Cloud wins War of Sioux

1870  — James Holt Jr. born to James ‘Jack’ Holt

* 1874 — T.B. Miskimon born in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

* 1876 — Battle of Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull, Great Sioux War

* 1879 — Billings County created in Dakotas, first range cattle enter the area, and Jack Holt moves his family from Texas to Dakotas

* 1883 — 24 year-old French nobleman, Marquis de Mores, founds Medora, east of the river on April 1; june 26, Marquis gets into gunfight and is later charged with murder

* 1883, September 8 — 24-year-old New York politician Theodore Roosevelt arrives at Little Missouri on Buffalo hunting trip Within days, Roosevelt invests in a local cattle ranch and becomes a semi-permanent resident

* 1883 – Buffalo Bill forms the Wild West Show, he earns the right to the official Buffalo Bill name in a buffalo shoot out

* 1885 — Metropolitan Hotel, later renamed the Rough Riders, opens in Medora in February. Marquis de Mores is acquitted on September 19 of of Riley Luffesey in 1883

* 1884-1887 — Teddy Roosevelt lives in the Dakotas

1884-1887 — Holt meets Roosevelt during pursuit of horse thieves when Teddy is a deputy sheriff, Holt is 16 years old, about to leave for Buffalo Bills Wild West Show, despite his father’s direct orders not to go

1885 — Holt  joins Wild West Show, falls in love with Lakota Sioux, while always faithful, does not marry her because she refuses the marriage proposal

* 1885 — Sitting Bull tours with Buffalo Bill Show for for months, gives Annie Oakley her name

* 1887 — Buffalo Bill Show in London, performs for Queen Victoria during Jubilee

* 1887 — Terrible winter storm destroys most ranches, Roosevelt leaves Medora

* 1892 — Buffalo Bill repeat show in London, in front of Queen Victoria

1898, March — Holt gets letter from father to join Rough Riders

* 1898, November — Spanish American War, and Teddy Roosevelt’s Roughriders, charge of San Juan Hill

* 1901— train wreck for Wild Bill Show, 110 horses killed, no recorded deaths, but Ojinjintka remains in coma for months and then passes at the ranch in Medona, North Dakota

* 1901 — Teddy Roosevelt becomes President, following assassination of McKinley

1902 — James Holt makes downpayment to buy back some of his boyhood ranch, ailing father Jack moves in with him

* 1903, April 7 — Teddy Roosevelt makes his only visit as President to Medora

* 1903, November — Panama revolts from Columbia; Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty gives canal zone rights to United States, under the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt

* 1904, U.S. Government purchases Panama Canal Company

* 1906, November — Roosevelt visits Panama

* 1907  — George Washington Goethels arrives in Panama to take over construction

* 1907, March 07 — T.B. Miskimon resigns from Precinct 1 police station in the District of Columbia to go to the Panama Canal

* 1908, October — The World publishes sensational article that alleges that 40 million went to J.P. Morgan

*1909, January — The World Reporters are in Panama

1909, Tuesday, January 5 – Colombia recognizes Panama’s independence

1909, Sunday, January 10 — Holt waits in Goethel’s administration office, story begins

* 1909, March 4, last day in office for Teddy Roosevelt

* 1928, December 5 — T.B. Miskimon’s death in District of Columbia, buried three days later in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

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